As colder weather approaches, it might be time to consider how well insulated your home is. While insulation can be beneficial for the summer and keep the heat out, it really serves its main purpose when it comes to protecting you from the cold of winter. There is a measurement for how efficient different types of insulation is called an R-value. When you purchase insulation, you will usually find a range available, and the higher the value, the better it is at preventing temperature exchange. While you might have a certain R-value on the insulation that is installed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your wall as a whole will have that R-value. There are many different situations in which insulation doesn’t provide the protection for which it is rated. One example is if there is a crack or hole behind it, allowing outside air to flow through. Another reason why your insulation might not measure up is if it has been compressed or is wet for any reason. If this is the case, it will lose its effectiveness.

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