Did you ever consider different types of heating that is available? One option that is not the most common here in the US, but one that provides very pleasant heat is called radiant heating. There are a few styles of heating elements that are used for this, some are air filled, which isn’t the most effective type, others are powered by electricity while you have some that are filled with a fluid. They can be installed in walls, ceilings or floors, and have many advantages. Unlike forced air heating, there are no ducts where heat can get lost. Depending on how the heating elements are installed, there is also the possibility of heating up a concrete slab that will retain its heat for a long time. If the heating elements are liquid filled, they don’t use much electricity for operating the pump, and the liquid can be heated by many different means. Those with allergies also prefer radiant heating since it doesn’t spread allergens in your home like forced air does.

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