We humans couldn’t exist without water, but water isn’t always a benefit to our lives. This is especially true inside of a home. Water related damage can be very expensive to deal with. One way in which water makes it into your home that you might not think of is condensation. Condensation happens when air carrying a lot of moisture hits a cold surface. In your home, this will usually be windows or pipes and other metal surfaces, but it is possible that it could happen even on a cold wooden surface or something similar. The problem is that the water that condenses can pool up and then lead to issues such as mold and other water damage.

To prevent this from happening, you need to keep humid air out of areas where it could cause condensation to form. This is why it is important that your exhaust vents in the kitchen and bathroom vent outside the home. Insulating your pipes can also help in keeping condensation down, since there won’t be a cold surface where the moisture might condense.

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