Have you ever smelled sewer gas? It is not a very pleasant experience, but that’s not all, sewer gas could actually pose a major health hazard to you and your family. If your p-trap were to fail, sewer gas could leak into your home, since it is the only thing blocking access. But what could be the reason for a p-trap failure? One possibility is that the p-trap hasn’t been overloaded. A general rule of thumb is that a p-trap can only handle two connected sources at once. The p-trap also needs to be ventilated properly, otherwise water will not run through it easily. You can tell if there is a problem with ventilation because it will cause other drains in your home that are nearby to start gurgling when it drains.

If there is not much use of a drain that has a p-trap, it is possible that the water that is supposed to be standing in it evaporates, causing it to fail. You might need to install a tap primer that will top off the water in the p-trap when it runs low.

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