When it is hot outside, most people enjoy having an air conditioner in their home. While some homes have central air, not everyone gets to enjoy that convenience. Others have central air, but there might be some areas of the home that don’t get as cool as the rest of the home.

What is the solution? A window mounted air conditioner. These units are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so depending on your needs and the size of the room you want to cool down, you can find exactly what you want.

When installing a window mounted air conditioner, it is important that you have the proper support and that you install it correctly. For the bigger units, it is advisable to have a bracket installed to give some extra support since they can be very heavy. The window sill that it rests on should be in good repair as well, since a rotted or loose window sill could lead to the air conditioning unit falling out of your window.

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