Have you ever noticed a lot of tiny black flies in your home? They might look like fruit flies, but if they seem to congregate in your bathroom or another area in your home where there is a sink, it is possible that they are sewer gnats. If you look closer at the bugs, you will notice that they are moth-like in shape, and if you swat at them, they leave a black residue behind.

Sewer gnats are mostly harmless, but they are a real nuisance to have flying around your home. Unfortunately, getting rid of sewer gnats can prove quite difficult.

Since they live in the sewer, you will need to remove their nests mechanically for them to stop appearing in your home. Boiling water and chemicals will usually not kill them entirely, and if only a few survive, they will be back. Instead, by using a snake or a similar device, you can remove the nests completely.

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