When you spill a liquid on your carpeted floor, do you immediately clean it up? Some might not worry too much about it if it is water, while others don’t even worry when it is soda or something like that, but in reality, anything that you spill on the carpet should be cleaned immediately. This is because of the risk of mold growth. Mold can be very harmful to your health, and it can start growing if it finds a dark moist spot in your carpet that is ideal for it to live in. In some carpets, it might be very difficult to spot the mold until it has spread quite a bit, and it’s even more difficult when the mold is growing underneath the carpet.

A good indicator for mold is your nose since it can pick up the musty smell of mold. If you do suspect there is mold growth in your carpet, you shouldn’t waste any time, since it can spread so quickly.

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