While carpet isn’t as popular as it once was in homes, there is still a large group of people who want that soft surface under their feet. While we’re not going to be taking sides in this battle, there is one place where carpet is especially unhygienic. You’ve probably guessed it – it’s in your bathroom.

There are many reasons why a carpeted bathroom is a bad idea. The first is the inevitable spread of germs from using the toilet and stepping in and out of the shower. While some carpets are specifically marketed as antimicrobial or antibacterial, they are still going to be a lot more difficult to clean than a hard surface. In fact, if you have a home with a carpeted bathroom and you don’t want to remove the carpet, you should use a steam cleaner on it regularly.

Another issue is water damage. You could have mold growth start in or even underneath your carpet, leading to air-quality issues and other problems.

While it might be comfortable with soft carpet under your feet in the morning when you enter the bathroom, the downsides of having carpet on the floor there are just too many.

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