When your dryer is running in the basement, does it turn the whole room into a sauna? If you are not careful, an improper dryer exhaust can cause this to happen. There is about a gallon of water in your average load of laundry, and if this is released as steam into your home, it can lead to moisture in your home and water-related damage.

So how do you prevent this from happening? It is important that you have proper ventilation from your dryer.

Some have installed filters that allow them to vent the dryer air inside, but these will not prevent the moisture from escaping. There is no good alternative to a dryer that vents to the outside.

You should also do your best to have the exhaust duct go as straight as possible to the outside. Avoid pinching the vent by pushing back the dryer too far, since this can lead to lint buildup inside the vent, and even possibly a fire.

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