Have you ever thought about installing a new bathroom faucet? It might seem like a complicated job, but as long as you remember one vital step in the process, it’s fairly hard to mess it up. So what is the vital step? As with any plumbing job, you want to make sure that you turn off the water supply.

Forgetting about this step has led to many problems for homeowners that found themselves disconnecting something that was holding back the full pressure in their water supply line.

Once the water is shut off there are usually just 4 steps needed for removing your faucet and then the same four steps in reverse for installing the new faucet.

First, you remove the water supply lines from the faucet, then you undo the nuts that connect the faucet to the sink, if necessary you should remove the lift rod from the stopper in the sink. This should be all that is needed for the removal of your old faucet. After you do it all in reverse with the new faucet, you might want to put some silicone around the faucet to make it water-tight.

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