When asbestos first started to be used in building materials, it was thought to be a new super material. It added fire retardant properties, durability and insulation to other materials when they were combined. With so many positive qualities, it is no wonder that it was used so extensively in siding, insulation, and roofing materials, just to mention the most common applications. Once the serious side effects were discovered and use was banned, it had already been used in countless homes, and if you live in an older home, it might possibly have been used in the building of yours.

It can be difficult to ascertain for certain whether a material contains asbestos or not, but if your house is old enough to have been built before the ban, some caution is advisable. You shouldn’t remove material that you suspect might contain asbestos on your own, instead seek the help of a professional business that has experience with asbestos removal, since you could expose your family to the dangerous substance, even if you take every precaution that you can think of.

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