When you mix electricity and water, you get a dangerous situation. This is why there is electrical code stipulating that wall receptacles in bathrooms and kitchens should be GFCI receptacles. What is a GFCI receptacle? Simply put, it monitors the current in your outlet, and when it becomes unbalanced, it will disconnect power. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and they have been available for many decades now.

GFCI receptacles can save your life when they are installed properly. You should periodically check that they function properly. This is why they are equipped with 2 buttons, one for testing and one for resetting. When you push the test button, the reset button should pop out, and power to the receptacle, as well as to any receptacles that are connected to it, should be cut. If this does not happen, you should have an electrician take a look at the outlet as soon as possible, and you should not use the outlet until it has been fixed.

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