Within a 17 year period, over 15,000 children under the age of 18 all visited emergency rooms because of furniture related tip over accidents. The problem has been getting worse, with a 40% increase over the years, and the majority of the injuries are from flat screen TV’s from tipping over. What can be done? Here are a couple tips for protecting your children from tip over accidents.

One basic thing that you can do is just to supervise your child at all times. It may not be possible sometimes, but if the effort is put in you have a greater reaction time if your child is doing something that may be unsafe. With TV’s, you can place them lower to the ground and their backs to the wall, thus reducing the potential of the TV causing injury to your child. If you have a large dresser that is really heavy, place your TV on the far backside of the dresser so that if a child does climb on the dresser, they won’t be able to reach the TV.

To keep heavy items from moving, use furniture straps or L-brackets. Most of these simple devices don’t need holes drilled through, so they are simple and easy to install. For dressers, you can install drawer stops to keep drawers from extending to their full length. Without these stops, the drawers can be pulled out, and potentially even cause the dresser to tip over. Keeping these few things in mind will help to keep your children healthy and safe and your furniture safe.

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