When you think about upgrades for your home, the first order of business is to decide what you can afford and what you cannot. There are a few upgrades that should be on every wish list. Each would be money well spent for long-term enjoyment at home. 

Here is the list of the upgrades that’ll save you money when done as part of a new hone build rather than later:

  1. Extra height kitchen cabinets. The height will provide an extra shelf for storage. The closer you can get to the ceiling the better, for both storage and aesthetic reasons.
  2. Pots and pans drawers. These drawers are deeper than standard shorts and are perfect for pots and pans. These drawers help you clear your counters and still have important kitchen items easily accessible.
  3. Deep over the fridge cabinet. A deeper cabinet makes the fridge look more built-in particularly if the fridge is counter depth. The whole look like shit for an attractive finishing touch for the kitchen.
  4. Custom painted cabinets. This is a wonderful upgrade that saves you the expense and efforts later on but makes your new house unique to you.
  5. Designated microwave spot. A common space-saving location for this is over the range. Another useful spot is built into a base cabinet with pots and pans drawer beneath.
  6. Wood in the upper hallway. Spending a bit more money on your flooring wood in the upper hallway is a nice upgrade. This works well if you have already selected a solid wood staircase.
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