Today’s world is becoming less and less secure. In the time you read this blog, 3-5 people in the US have their home burglarized, and it happens in varying neighborhoods, rich and poor, and often in the middle of the day. What can you do to minimize the chance that you become part of that statistic?

It’s very important that you never broadcast the fact that you are not at home, neither to those that can see your home, nor on social media. A mailbox that is overflowing, an unshoveled driveway and unmowed lawn could easily invite burglars. Instead, ask someone to care for these things while you are gone, and if possible, get your lights on a timer so as to give the appearance of someone being at home.

An alarm system is also a good deterrent, so post signs about having it installed.

You should also make sure that your front door is solid wood or metal, since most burglars enter through the front door. If there are windows by the door, they shouldn’t be so close that you can reach in and undo the deadbolt.

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