When you hear the wind howling and your home is shaking in the wind, do you wish that there was something you could do about it? Some homeowners find themselves chased out of their own backyard by heavy winds that make it too uncomfortable to spend time outside. Since you can’t make the wind stop blowing, what are your alternatives?

One is to plant a windbreak. A windbreak is basically a row of trees that are sitting in the path of the wind, forcing the wind up and over your home. For this to be successful, it needs to be tall enough, tight enough, and sit far enough away from your home. Usually, you would want the windbreak to be planted about 4 times the height of your home away.

As for the choice of trees, a common practice is to use two different kinds. One that is faster growing and will offer you a quick fix, but with a shorter life-span, and then a second row that is made from longer-lasting, but slower growing trees.

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