Some people may think that it is okay to put whatever food into your garbage disposal. Here are a few foods that you should probably avoid to prevent problems with your garbage disposal.

Most people know that you should avoid putting cooking grease or fat down your garbage disposal. Once that cooking grease or fat cools, it can cling to your garbage disposal causing blockages. Another food that you may not think of is coffee grounds. When coffee grounds are ground small and get wet, it forms a paste. This thick paste can also cause blockages in your garbage disposal. Dry expandable foods, like dry rice, are also not a good idea to put down your garbage disposal. Small amounts of this food are okay, but when large amounts of dry expandable foods get wet, they can expand and clog up your disposal. The last food item to avoid is vegetable peels. These vegetable peels, such as onion, potato, or carrot peels, can slip through the disposal’s grinders. This can cause major blockages in your pipes and garbage disposal.

So the next time you use your garbage disposal you may want to avoid these foods.

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