Do you fear the lightning? If so, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, lightning can be very dangerous for your health if you were to be hit, but fortunately, that is a very rare thing to happen. Something that happens much more frequently however is damage to your home and appliances due to lightning.

For example, lightning can cause surges in the power grid which can lead to your electronic devices getting overloaded and damaged. There is also the risk of lightning strikes causing fires that spread to your home, or that trees hit by lightning hit a tree near your home causing the tree to fall and damage the building.

For your safety, there are a few things to do when there is a lightning storm in the area. Unless you have surge protectors, you should unplug any sensitive electronics. You should also avoid talking on a wired phone during a storm, but most people likely won’t have a wired phone in their home these days.

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