When the water coming out of your faucet isn’t hot enough, do you go into the basement and turn the knob on your water heater? Many homeowners have done so, not thinking much about any ramifications of their actions. It is recommended that you keep your water heater at 120 degrees, and the reason for this is fairly simple – it saves you money and it lowers the risk for scalding. Unfortunately, not all homes are as well planned as they should be, so it is possible that your water loses a lot of heat before it makes it to the faucet, or maybe you have a large family and end up using up your hot water quickly.

Whatever the case is for you, there is a cost for keeping the water at a higher temperature. Your water heater will need to maintain that higher level even when you aren’t using any water, unless you want to spend the time adjusting the setting on the water heater several times throughout the day.

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