Do you know how to sew? A large part of the population doesn’t, and that makes it difficult for us to make our own face masks to use in public, but fortunately, the CDC realizes that not all of us are seamstresses. On their website they provide instructions both how to sew a facemask if you can do so, and how to cut one out of an old t-shirt, using nothing but a pair of scissors. So why would you need to make your own mask? Well, the CDC recommends that we should be wearing a mask in public to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. These homemade masks can stop particles from escaping from our mouths and nose, and they can prevent some from coming in, so if everyone wears a mask, it is going to be a good prevention technique in unison with other methods, such as social distancing. It is important to avoid touching the mask when wearing it since that could transfer contaminants.

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