Having small bushes and other types of shrubbery around your home can add a lot of character and beauty, but there are some issues to consider if you decide to do some landscaping of your own. There are many different types of shrubbery that are quite hardy and that can thrive in your yard, but you should consider where they will be located. If you grow shrubbery in the wrong location, it could possibly lead to future problems.

For example, if you have bushes growing too close to your home, then they could function as a gateway for wood-destroying organisms to get to your home. Even if the bushes are healthy, it could be a simple task for insects to use them as a bridge to get to any wooden features of your home.

Bushes that push up against a building can also lead to water damage and moss growth on your home. This is why it is good to make sure that you cut back anything that is growing in that direction.

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