Out of all the insects that a homeowner has to deal with, ants are probably not very high up on the list of pests, but having an ant infestation in your home can definitely be very annoying. This is especially so if they are one of the types of ants that can chew the insulation on your electrical wires, which could cause a fire.

Still, even if you aren’t dealing with something that serious, you probably want to make sure that ants are staying out of your home. Ants can be very annoying, especially if you find them everywhere you look.

So what do you need to do to keep ants at bay? There are some things that you should keep out of their reach to avoid attracting ants.

Ants love sugar, so anything that contains sugar that they can access is going to be a feast for them. If you spill soda, coffee with sugar in it, or tea with honey, they are sure to find it, so you should be diligent about cleaning up spills if you have this problem. Be careful with your recycling as well, since sugary liquids left behind can attract ants.

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