There are many different disasters that can damage your home. Some of them you might not have any control over, such as wildfires, heavy winds, and other problems. You can however do your best to minimize the risk of damage to your home when one of these events occurs. This is accomplished by creating what is called defensible space.

The idea behind defensible space is to limit the vegetation and other stuff around your home that could become a projectile during heavy winds or fuel during a wildfire.

Usually, a homeowner will divide the space around their home in 3 zones. In the first zone that goes out about 15 feet from the walls of your home, you should have everything cleared out, cutting down bushes and trees. In the second zone, which stretches about 100 feet from your home, you can have some trees and bushes spread out, but it should be kept fairly clear. In the third zone, you can let things grow fairly freely, but you should still not let it grow out of control.

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