There are some things that we might not think of when cleaning our home that now should give more attention. The COVID-19 virus spreads mainly by touch, so cleaning off surfaces that you commonly touch is very important. What do these include? In your home, you use your light switches, faucet handles, door handles and stove knobs often. If you ever touch these after coming home from a trip to the store, you could have contamination on your hands that you then spread to those surfaces. In your vehicle, the handles, steering wheel, seat-belt, and shift-stick could be contaminated as well. Using a disinfectant to clean those off before and after you have gone anywhere will lower your risk of getting infected.

While it might seem a little paranoid to go through all this, if you are older or have underlying health issues, it could save your life. The same goes for any person that you get in contact with that has those problems.

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