Tornadoes can be very damaging, and they can pop up with very little warning. Of course, there are areas of the country where they are much more common than others, but in case a freak storm comes your way, do you know what to do?

While there might be some things that you can plan ahead, the safest option by far is to get yourself and your family out of the path of a tornado if at all possible. If that is not an option, you should find a good place in your home where you can get the best shelter. It is a good idea to be aware of where such spots are located beforehand so you can get there without hesitation.

Your basement is a very good safe haven, but not all homes have that available. If you have some space underneath a staircase, it is usually a very sturdy part of a building. Inner rooms in your home are also better than anything closer to the outer walls and windows. You can also find shelter in a bathtub. No matter where you choose to find shelter, you should grab some pillows and mattresses to protect yourself against debris that will be blowing around.

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