There are several things homeowners can do to make sure that their property stands out. Don’t leave all the work to the real estate agent. Be a committed seller and prepare yourself and your home. 

Here are some tried and true tips to make your property stand out from the competition:

  • Clear out the clutter. It’s easy to accumulate stuff after being in a home for a few years. But no one wants to step into a home and it appears messy or disorganized. To sell quickly clear out your space, this will allow for the square footage of the home to be easily seen and highlighted.
  • Fix everything. Fix everything before you list your property. Focus on repairs that are obvious and eye-catching. Have an inspection before you list the property, this way you are not surprised by any big or expensive repairs.
  • Price your property correctly. Choose a price that will get motivated buyers into your door quickly. Buyers are very educated these days about the market. If you’re going to ask for premium pricing your house has to be at a premium level.
  • Create an atmosphere that people are drawn to and don’t want to leave. Your home should be clean, unclutterd, staged with fresh flowers, fresh paint, fluffed pillows, appealing to the core, and overall visually stunning.
  • Turn on beautiful music with your surround sound. Bake fresh cookies, and light a fireplace if it’s easier to do stuff. The small touches draw buyers in.
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