If you have a cat, then you know trying to protect your furniture from getting all scratched up can be a problem. Cats do need to scratch. They do this to leave their scent, get rid of the old outside of their nails, and stretch their muscles and legs. So here are a few tips to help you to deter your cat from scratching your furniture.

The first tip is to offer your cat plenty of cat-scratching posts that they can scratch. Also, keep these posts in areas where your cat hangs out the most. Cats also prefer a post at an angle or a horizontal scratching mat rather than a straight vertical post.

The second tip is to try a scent deterrent spray. Spray the areas on your furniture where your cat scratches. You may need to apply these sprays frequently because they tend to wear off quickly.

The last tip, even though it will not be attractive, is to attach plastic panels or aluminum foil to the cat-scratching areas. You can even purchase plastic panels made specifically to stop your cat from scratching these areas. Cats normally do not like to scratch these textures.

These are just a few tips to help to protect your furniture from your cat.

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