Even though many houseplants are considered poisonous to cats or dogs, it does not mean you need to go plant free in your home. So if you cannot keep your houseplants out of reach of your pets, here are a few houseplants that are considered pet-friendly.

The first plant is a money tree plant. This plant requires bright light. Another pet-friendly plant that requires bright light is a spider plant. A parlor palm plant is also pet-friendly. These plants require indirect bright light. Another palm that is pet-friendly is a ponytail palm. These also require bright light but are very easy to maintain. The last pet-friendly plant that you may not have considered is rosemary. Even though rosemary is an herb, it looks and smells really nice. The only problem with rosemary is that your pet may like to chew on this plant too much.

These are just a few pet-friendly houseplants. If you are unsure if your houseplant is poisonous to cats or dogs, just look it up online on a reliable website. There is a lot of information available on plants that are poisonous to animals. Just keep in mind too that even though a houseplant is considered pet-friendly, it may still make your pet sick.

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