Are you researching different heaters for your home? Have you come across an electric baseboard heater? If so, here is a little information about what exactly an electric baseboard heater is and how it works.

An electric baseboard heater is a heating element that is installed at floor level, near the baseboard. This is where the name electric baseboard heater comes from. Electric baseboard heaters are wide and short heaters and are normally hardwired right into the home’s existing electrical wiring. There are some electric baseboard heaters that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

The way these heaters produce heat is either through the convection or hydronic process. Convection baseboard heaters have metal fins that turn the cold air near the floor into warm air that rises and spreads throughout the room. Hydronic baseboard heaters have an electric heating element that warms an internal liquid reservoir surrounded by metal fins.

The most common baseboard heater is a convection baseboard heater. These heaters come in a wider range of sizes and power ranges, and plug-in units are more readily available. Hydronic baseboard heaters are more energy efficient.

This is just a little information to help you to familiarize yourself with electric baseboard heaters.

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