It seems like a lot of people today are interested in making their home a smart home. There are many different services and companies making smart devices, ranging from TVs to microwaves to washers and even refrigerators. With so many choices and options, it is very important to make a well informed choice, not only when it comes to the quality and price of the devices, but also the security.

Usually, when you purchase a device that is WiFi enabled, you can control it with its own app on your phone, but if you end up buying several devices from different manufacturers, controlling them all might turn into a headache on its own. That is why it usually is best to pick a device that functions with one of the major companies that are well known. The ability to control all your devices with your voice without the need to start up a bunch of different apps is very convenient. You should also make sure that the device is fairly up to date, since older devices might have compromised security making them prime targets for hackers.

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