Trees in your yard can be very nice. If you are thinking of planting a tree in your yard, here are a few examples of trees that you may want to avoid planting in your yard.

The first example is a Callery pear. Callery pear trees have pretty white flowers. The problem with a Callery pear tree is that it is considered invasive in many states. It also has a weak branching system that can cause storm damage in areas that are prone to wind, ice, or snow. Another example is a Siberian Elm tree. A Siberian Elm tree is very hardy and it can tolerate difficult growing conditions, but it is another weak-wooded tree. So this tree is also prone to storm or ice damage. It is also very messy and seeds itself all over. The third example that you may want to avoid is the Tree of Heaven. This tree is considered invasive also and considered dirty and messy. This tree also makes landscaping around the tree very difficult because it gives off a chemical that kills other competing vegetation.

These are just a few examples of trees that you may want to avoid planting in your yard.

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